Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wayne McEvilly at Hedgerow Theatre

I arrived at Hedgerow having travelled from Santa Fe New Mexico, riding zig-zag across the country on this Kawasaki motorcycle - riding zig-zag and solo - for a performance of solo piano music composed by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and a spoken tribute to the great man of Hedgerow, Jasper Deeter, founder, teacher, mentor, actor, director, who imparted to me so much which must be left unsaid except by the perfect vehicle of music. I count the day in 1949 that I came upon the Hedgerow House while selling daffodils door to door and heard Jasper playing Beethoven from inside the house, and his later saying to me: "I love you, boy. You remember that! You may need that some day!" I count that day as blessed among all the days of my now long life.
And now I am going back to Hedgerow, May 24th 2016, at two o:clock in the afternoon, to do another tribute to Jasper in music -
but this time, I think I'm going to fly...


  1. What a colorful and exciting life you've led! I love the thought of you zig zagging on a bike. :)

  2. Great reminiscence... I enjoy (but am very surprised by) the photo.

  3. Yes, a wonderful remembrance, Wayne. Are you really going to Hedgerow in *2016*? Or did you just go this month/year?

    P.S. Stunning photo. I want a poster of that! In what year was the photo taken?

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