Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Ward Street Chronicles ... continued

The distance between Ward Street and Bombay would have seemed impossibly infinite, and the meeting with Anais some mythological phantasmagoria had it been projected in those early years, yet in that vast stretch which proved to be my life, these and other stranger marvels did indeed occur.

To consider the details had always seemed to be impossibly tedious, and their teeming number enormously daunting, yet there came finally a sense that a beginning must be made, even in face of the fact, impossible to deny, that one simply had not so much as a clue where to begin, or what direction to take...

It was strange to realize that the only detail that rung out with any certainty was itself shrouded in utter baffling mystery - and that was the certainty of the beheading. Incomprehensible as it was undeniable - why did this single act exert its truth, even when nothing was known about it, neither why, nor whether...nothing...nothing, quite simply, at all.

and where the source for all the emergent personalities' need of a sudden to be memorialized? Certainly not from themselves, for they were modest beyond calculation - yet they are here at this moment. I allow it, allow their energies to have their life... be continued...

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