Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mary Holdsworth, Elephant Lady from "The Ward Street Chronicles"

Bursting in now is Mary Holdsworth - she is in her living room, receiving the neighborhood urchin boys for their lessons and rewards - Could we recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of The United States of America? Yes? Good! - a prize piece of Fleers Double Bubble Gum to each and every scruffy one of you! - What now of the Lord's Prayer? Surely we received assistance in demonstrating our religious prowess by the presence of a large wall-hanging of Jesus atop a mountain, painted on black velvet. Another sweet treat for the lot of you then, while out front in the yard her husband Dick, just arrived home from his work, stepped from his Hudson still wearing his uniform as company gaurd, with its belt supporting a large gun, holstered, hanging at his side. He was a quiet man, perhaps to balance his wife's garrulous enthusiastic nature and...but she asserts herself here with an insistence I note a favorite summer pastime - she dons a large green blanket, more a rug, having gotten down on all fours, she lumbers not about the front yard with a garden hose, in imitation of a trunk,  emerging from this rug-like blanket. Spouting water now as Dick has turned the faucet on, hidden from our sight in the basement. We believed this charade, so great was Mary's girth and enthusiasm, as she gave us all a dousing we would not forget...Ah, Mary, I remember it still.

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