Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NaNoWriMo off the top and over the fence into the forest

you’ve named the characters, put them in places, now they will take on a life of their own, make of you their demands, lead you to the next scene, say things you might never have imagined…you are on your way…
and…the best source for fiction is always and ever simply reality…what has been what becomes …
So I follow Aloysius Wing after he decapitates the stockman in the bar in Silver Bow, Graceful meditating on the suds which top her glass of beer, Ah Toy, arriving by train with Ludovicus Deepak, Ah Sing, the Princess Tata, but also Yugo, who might or might not be the husband of a famous novelist, Myrtle Talley, akaStrict Myrtle, aka Crazy Myrtle.. and they begin to lead the way….and always and ever it is an engagement of words, words, words, and with them the thing, always, ever, the very thing itself…Ah!.

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