Wednesday, November 27, 2013

from "The Ward Street Chronicles" - Skeets Gets Stuck On Oogie

   When I began these Chronicles I had not counted on the rising up of the dead with their demands. They have, as it were, taken me completely by surprise, and how could they have accomplished this if they had not been still alive? With that question I leave you for now....

   She had not risen from the dead, but rather rode upon the back of a neutrino originating in the depths of space more distant than the milky way, had always been there with him, had he only known that which he did not know, had been the very substance to every shadow cast by mortal flesh...yes,  even upon the lawn of his most distant childhood memories...  

   ...of the dogs Skeets, Oogie, and Gay and the parrot Polly - and of their masters and mistresses - much might be said, but I will content myself with saying little -
   Skeets was a scruffy mutt, of a color strangely orange, tending to a dirty brown, wearing in his demeanor a look of hunger and pity...he looked underfed and his very posture bespoke a hunger which might never be assuaged. His keepers were a boy named Henry, Henry Gilbert with his mom. Her voice rang brittle on the air when she would call his name, beckoning him hurry home: "Henry? Henry Gilbert!" Henry was a stout boy, even as a child of eight, and he would lumber rather than run, with Skeets dancing at his heels, circling in a kind of celebratory motion indicative of his boundless nervous energy. Well, as it happened one fine summer day, before the scent of lilac blossoms had fully faded, Skeets took a turn away from Henry's heels and, attracted by the scent of Oogie in heat, headed straight for the tail of this shiny, spoiled sleek little black bitch just recently emerged from a bath in milk, and skinny Skeets was on her tail and with a frenzied heat was pumping her for all he was worth.
Out comes Mrs. Kirkpride from her house, broom in hand, and commences beating Skeets upon the back, all the while shrieking and screaming. Oogies eyes are popping out as Skeets  in a quick turnabout, is stuck and can't for the life of him pull out.

   Meanwhile a gang of urchins has gathered to cheer on this marvel of nature, to gawk and guffaw, and feed the fury of the lady with the broom.
   And so we gathered piecemeal from nature what our fathers failed to impart to us concerning the fabled facts of life.

to be continued....

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