Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marguerite Young - Princess Of The Perpetual Mist

Profound heartfelt  thanks to @Death Zen for sending this extraordinary image of America's Greatest Writer to me. Ah, Marguerite, your heart held the love of each and every fragment of each and every passing thing, encompassing oceanic vasts not yet discovered in galaxies not yet born, as well as every tender leaf and blade of grass, each and every toiling human being upon this our planet home.
I thank you. I thank you.


  1. How pleased Marguerite must be to have finally arrived at her rightful home! I thank you, Wayne.

  2. I studied with Marguerite Young for 4 years at the New School. She changed my life. We remained friends for many years more. Sometimes we would sit in the Bleecker Playground and sing Scottish Ballads or Baptist hymns. She always told me, "Imagination creates the greatest of all realities." She opened up a world of possibilities for all her students. There has never been anyone like her in my life. To this day I have Miss MacIntosh My Darling on my bedside table and I continue to read it. I have included a long essay about her in my new book, Writing Under the Influence of.....Edward Swift edwardswift43@gmail.com