Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marguerite Young - Princess Of The Perpetual Mist

Profound heartfelt  thanks to @Death Zen for sending this extraordinary image of America's Greatest Writer to me. Ah, Marguerite, your heart held the love of each and every fragment of each and every passing thing, encompassing oceanic vasts not yet discovered in galaxies not yet born, as well as every tender leaf and blade of grass, each and every toiling human being upon this our planet home.
I thank you. I thank you.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Map Of Music - Title Page in manuscript

This is the title page from my manuscript of "A Map Of Music" - a continuation of my Ph.D. Dissertation "Music and Metaphysics" - the text begins with an examination of the single tone and its uses in various masterworks and the applicability of the study of this essential primal element as a component of musical practice. There are twelve chapters, including one devoted to the twelve-tone system itself, another to the angels of music, one on practice techniques, a chapter on discerning patterns, and so on. I actually was excited to unearth this manuscript today and am ready, able, willing, and eager, to bring it forth from its present sleeping condition into a utilitarian vehicle for students of music, whether performers or listeners, to consider.