Monday, September 23, 2013

About The McEvilly Bach To School Initiative for Public Schools

A new initiative:
McEvilly-Bach2School - I will begin introducing the Well Tempered Clavier of Bach to public school children - in a series of live presentations for schools, the first 3 of which will be sponsored by the Outreach Program at the Metropolitan Library System, and by placing my McEvilly-Bach Series 2CD sets in public school classrooms throughout the metro area.
I am presently seeking sponsors for this initiative - 
a little background: In the year 2000 I played the Bach Prelude in C Major for the full student body (750 plus) at a school they listened intently, in total silence. When I was finished, a child raised his hand with this question:
"Will you play that song for us again?"
I determined at that moment to record the 24 Preludes and Fugues specifically for use in classrooms - an important distinguishing factor of these recordings is that I had my Mason&Hamlin concert grand tuned to Bach's pitch - a more relaxed string.
The recordings have been used nationwide in classrooms, and are credited with reducing student anxiety levels, and keeping the kids "on focus" 


  1. This is an incredibly important project! Speaking as someone who has spent a great deal of time in elementary schools, I can truly say that there is a tremendous need for things like this. The children truly thirst for this music!

  2. Wayne loves his music every bit as much as he loves his audiences. Thank you Wayne.