Saturday, August 3, 2013

Commenting on a post by Lolly Daskal on Stress and the Heart of Leadership

Lolly - Yes to this, and to the entire post.  "It's time for us to enter the Age of Meaning." and meaning can come only from the heart, from what is heart-felt, heart-endorsed, and heart-centered. Your presence on twitter is a very rich source of inspiration, an indication that change can indeed occur, that we are not condemned to repeat the past mindlessly, but can utilize our intuitive capacities to connect with others, and with ourselves.
I find some of my most basic themes from my many decades resounding in your philosophy: the importance of love over understanding, heart over intellect, and the necessity for everyone, not just leaders, to awaken to a reverence for life, and a regard for each and every human being we encounter as a child of the divine energy and spirit which brought us forth. The call to a recognition of the absolute equality of human beings as human beings, is one which has to be renewed within on a continuous basis.
Profound thanks to you for your extraordinary work.
With love for you and what you are doing-