Sunday, June 2, 2013

Taking Up The Various Occasions Of Joke Lam

There was surely this vast largesse in the topic of the present moment, for Joke could pop up in any number of places of a given time, or no time, beyond time, behind time, Joke, oh Joke, my darling Joke, ah, and O Jokester I see you before me now, as you were on the old Dollar Steamship Lines bound for Singapore and Bombay. I lingered before the decisive moment, to come on board, to be with you, to let my lips lavish praise on yours, lingeringly long, lovely, sweet, who knew, who knew who knew what he might find if he went a lookin' for it, indeed, who knew. Had I mentioned that Joke was of the rice eating south, and not, as was Aloysius Wing, of the noodle eating north? Had I mentioned that detail to your transparencies before this moment? Please respond. How I long for your response. But it will not come, there will be no resounding drum to echo the stillness of my still beating heart...will there...will there...will there? For an instance, as back to the subject of the ubiquity of Joke, he might show a sudden fancy for a lounge chair by the pool in some hospitable resort, with birdsong being the dominant chord of the air. Ignoring the bustle and the movement, and the preening hustle he gazed straightforwardly inward.
  The clouds above, the gentle wind, the lads and the lasses of all sorts, the pool undulating in a sort of wave, all of this he had chosen to leave behind.
  One might as well choose the grand leavetakings, for there they are, in any case, galloping madly in our tracks.
  He became so deftly aware of the felt presence of some discerning intelligence within him, that he doubted his way back to The Opium Den.

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