Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Word On sNiptrite

Yes, it had entered my brainbox, there to hover, dart about, rest, fidget, doze, and deepen it hold on my larger mind when if dawned on me that sNiptrite held the key to all the world's wisdom - indeed, if you'd just look at sNiptrite you'd see the source of every witticism the world has ever honored.
sNiptrite was wisdom's hot air. with sNiptrite we enter dimensions vast, dimensions rich...dimensions which were inclusive of all sorts of pickpockets, counterfeiters, pilferers, and the whole crew of buggering philanderers.
He had totally, of course, to have lost hit kit and his kaboodle along with all else strewn along the highway, carried across the snowswept cornfields away, away, away beyond the mountain ridge and the farthest peak still visible in evening have left in his trail yet but a paltry sort of fair made him sigh, and then sigh again, and again, and yet again....
to be continued
with more of the Occasions Of Joke Lam to come

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