Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rupert Pole Taj Mahal Letter

Rupert Pole

Rupert Pole In Friendship

Lillian - You prompted me to go the next step in bringing forth material from my Anais Nin archives, and today this surfaced, and I thought How perfect!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Word On sNiptrite

Yes, it had entered my brainbox, there to hover, dart about, rest, fidget, doze, and deepen it hold on my larger mind when if dawned on me that sNiptrite held the key to all the world's wisdom - indeed, if you'd just look at sNiptrite you'd see the source of every witticism the world has ever honored.
sNiptrite was wisdom's hot air. with sNiptrite we enter dimensions vast, dimensions rich...dimensions which were inclusive of all sorts of pickpockets, counterfeiters, pilferers, and the whole crew of buggering philanderers.
He had totally, of course, to have lost hit kit and his kaboodle along with all else strewn along the highway, carried across the snowswept cornfields away, away, away beyond the mountain ridge and the farthest peak still visible in evening have left in his trail yet but a paltry sort of fair made him sigh, and then sigh again, and again, and yet again....
to be continued
with more of the Occasions Of Joke Lam to come

Doubting His Way To The Opium Den

Doubting his way to The Opium Den, there can be nothing for it, then, that Joke would be left stumbling bereft of all, before some dark door. Was there another choice, I asked, was there another choice? Here he was, sprawled out, and, as it were, all handed over like some parcel assigned there for delivery. All of this had transpired and yet nothing at all had come to light, nothing, not so much as a distant glimmer and all that was revealed was this vivid glimpse of mortality, nothing more, nothing less, and yet...yes, there was an and yet, and yet the upshot, so to speak, was quite simply to busy oneself with whatever fancy gave the looked for bestowal. Something like that, or not like that...Simple as that....
So it would seem that the very venture was at once the....
his voice trailed off, voice..
trails off.....

Upshot: So Joke At Last Allowed Himself To Bolt Into A World

Taking Up The Various Occasions Of Joke Lam

There was surely this vast largesse in the topic of the present moment, for Joke could pop up in any number of places of a given time, or no time, beyond time, behind time, Joke, oh Joke, my darling Joke, ah, and O Jokester I see you before me now, as you were on the old Dollar Steamship Lines bound for Singapore and Bombay. I lingered before the decisive moment, to come on board, to be with you, to let my lips lavish praise on yours, lingeringly long, lovely, sweet, who knew, who knew who knew what he might find if he went a lookin' for it, indeed, who knew. Had I mentioned that Joke was of the rice eating south, and not, as was Aloysius Wing, of the noodle eating north? Had I mentioned that detail to your transparencies before this moment? Please respond. How I long for your response. But it will not come, there will be no resounding drum to echo the stillness of my still beating heart...will there...will there...will there? For an instance, as back to the subject of the ubiquity of Joke, he might show a sudden fancy for a lounge chair by the pool in some hospitable resort, with birdsong being the dominant chord of the air. Ignoring the bustle and the movement, and the preening hustle he gazed straightforwardly inward.
  The clouds above, the gentle wind, the lads and the lasses of all sorts, the pool undulating in a sort of wave, all of this he had chosen to leave behind.
  One might as well choose the grand leavetakings, for there they are, in any case, galloping madly in our tracks.
  He became so deftly aware of the felt presence of some discerning intelligence within him, that he doubted his way back to The Opium Den.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Had Not Been One for Strange Dissemble

   Thus it was he asked himself - How was it, then, that I had come to witness, to be there in the midst of, these scenes? How, to be thus placed in this turgid warm atmosphere of this bar reserved for a self-selecting clientele? How, and who, I asked, to be with Graceful at this bar, to witness it all, when at the same time knowing my eyes had never been present, and been absent and, even in that absence, been shuttered? These were the veritable mysteries vast, insoluble - these, the enigmatic ground of each and every pictorial element. 
   I went back in time with each and every scribe, was witness to all their beholdings, saw all they saw, heard what they heard, travelled without the benefit of craft, to be present, a ghost inhabiting each consciousness, an unseen, unheralded presence.

   Continuing, then, with the Book of Joke -
..for yes, to tell a tale he had need of that on which to hang it.
He had witnessed the cold beheading, had taken the measure of all its tones and tonalities, followed each and every trail in the exquisitely carved enigma. He could have, had the need arisen, drawn you a map. He had not been one for strange dissemble, but rather frank in his occasions.
to be continued with
Some Occassions of Joke Lam......