Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Book Of Anais Unedited And In The Raw - 2

Anais dwelt in the delta of dust. For her this life was one continuous dust bowl which a sense of duty bade her fight. And so she took upon herself yet another role-soldier and warrior. This  became a rigid presence in her adopted stance. Whatever the face she chose to employ, that core hard and brittle support remained in full presence.
Who? What?
What need to describe when you can invoke?
What need to describe when you might evoke?
A felicitous climate within which the fostering of absence was almost guaranteed was afforded me as a child. I spent my days and nights far away. Anais kept calling me back to earth. There was none of that sublime languor of the serene sea in her world-at any moment the shriek of a siren, not matter at what distance was a jolt into the black and red, that over which she fancied she held some directing sway....
What she did not understand, yet Marguerite knew full well, was had I been present, I could not have discerned these things.
But I digress.
To get to a point here, to come down to brass tacks, to hit the nail right on the head at dead center we must take into this account how Marguerite became a cow, yes. This was an honor bestowed upon her by Truman Capote. He knew full well that Marguerite was a literary heavyweight, and he, Truman, was quite simply really not. And Anais was not, nor was Norman, nor some of the others. But Gore, he was a heavyweight, and that for sure. Well, there are scales you know in which these matters are weighed, just such scales as are used to measure gold, and as exacting, in which the measure of our acts is taken.
As you may have discerned, I am still setting the stage for the book which is at the same moment writing itself.
The Orphan Theme.
Her father left, leaving her soul bereft-never to return and so she had searched for him in every shred and shard of man who happened by. Gonzalo, and all the nameless, those whose names were never known, who passed as the night masked as night. They came and there was this sudden excitation, as would have arisen, no doubt, at the birth of the idea that some distinguished thing might this way pass...yes, that had always and ever been it, precisely.

to be continued......

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