Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Heart

Dear Heart -
At last a post from this far outpost. Who knew what distances there might have been in such an exile? Who could have calculated, taken the compass, brought it to bear? Anyway, as I have been thinking of horizons, as I see farther and farther the horizons stretching forth upon horizons, like the infinitude of mirrorings in a suburban station barbershop. So as I thought of the chaos in which it seems we come encased, and the very rare clarity of voice I heard when compelled to visit Mary in Paris recently, the thought just about floored me that hers was the only voice I had heard free of the clatter of the happening universe at large...and thus it was she was free to express universal truths, clearly, concisely, compellingly. I felt a presence as of her nearly asking outright of me to broadcast at least the existence of her voice in this vast emptiness.....and so began complying a few days ago. That is all for now.

 I fancy her on the shore of some cold sea, listening to voices from beyond the sky.

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  1. Mary's voice makes me think of some future generation turning back to our voices that we've captured in our own writings. Who will listen to our voices, 90 years from now?