Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mary McEvilly Continues To Hold Forth From Paris, 1920

Here you are, Mary - the floor is yours:

" It is only the 
development of the intellect and the power of 
expression which count. Therefore you can understand 
that in this group who are interested in proving to 
earth that intercommunication is practicable, are found 
all who while on earth were interested in it. 

The ancient civilizations developed many profound 
searchers and India sent among us many who are 
extremely versed in the art of separating body and 
intelligence, but the means of finding expression 
lacked until the free, vigorous western world, 
believing firmly in her own destiny, and with calm 
reasoning power developed both by study and 
practice, has put into our hands the force required."

What is she talking about -
do you have any idea you'd share with us?

Dear Heart

Dear Heart -
At last a post from this far outpost. Who knew what distances there might have been in such an exile? Who could have calculated, taken the compass, brought it to bear? Anyway, as I have been thinking of horizons, as I see farther and farther the horizons stretching forth upon horizons, like the infinitude of mirrorings in a suburban station barbershop. So as I thought of the chaos in which it seems we come encased, and the very rare clarity of voice I heard when compelled to visit Mary in Paris recently, the thought just about floored me that hers was the only voice I had heard free of the clatter of the happening universe at large...and thus it was she was free to express universal truths, clearly, concisely, compellingly. I felt a presence as of her nearly asking outright of me to broadcast at least the existence of her voice in this vast emptiness.....and so began complying a few days ago. That is all for now.

 I fancy her on the shore of some cold sea, listening to voices from beyond the sky.