Sunday, December 30, 2012

"To Woman" from Mary McEvilly, Paris November 1919

It appeared to me recently that Mary McEvilly was making, in her own highly individuated way, an attempt, as it were, to make it known that she would like her voice to be heard. I therefore decided to go into her available work and extract a few portions as "test objects" in an informal survey I am taking (right here, right now) to see what a few women whose viewpoints I esteem think of Mary's ideas after a century has passed since she put them down in Paris:

"Woman's organization is such, on account of her 
being the mother, that she is dominated by feeling. So 
far she does not understand whence come these 
unexplainable feelings which move her, but if you can 
imagine that through every pore she receives directly 
impulsions from original feeling, as though each were 
a little wire ringing a bell somewhere in her being and 
such wires liable to be set in motion by the great 
exterior force in whom is all feeling, you may perhaps imagine 
in what countless ways she is played upon." 

is she on to something that interests you?
are you at all interested in reading more?
what do you think of her "mentality"?
any and all comments will be appreciated

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