Monday, December 31, 2012

Mary McEvilly, live from Paris, 1920 - "On Woman"

Mary was a precocious girl with a gloriously gifted intellect. We need not follow her in her fairy tale adornments of the message she is delivering, but I will say this much in recognition of the strength of her will and thus of her voice: it has called me out to go into internet space to lend her voice a sort of megaphone, to revert to some device with which she had no doubt some small acquaintance. I fancy her on the shore of some cold sea, listening to voices from beyond the sky.
Here is her voice, from Paris, 1920, as she addresses the theme of the future of woman on the planet:

"Love is full of compassion and desire to help. It 
knows by an intimate certainty that happiness is found 
only in service. All this is already known to humanity, 
but it remains to find the way to show woman how to 
receive daily and hourly directly from the source of all 
feeling the certainty of dependable intuitions. She 
must be made to understand as well as feel that she is 
the voice enunciating the truth revealed to her directly 
from the eternal source. 

Less attention may be given to the pursuit of 
education in its practical aspects and more to the 
development of her true, inner feeling nature, and 
ability to seize the reality of the spiritual qualities."

Mary McEvilly

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