Monday, December 31, 2012

Mary McEvilly from Paris 1920

Speak, Mary, to a brave new world:

"The desire of an individual who wishes to express 
an idea or message to earth is felt by all who from 
their common interest are desirous of assisting, and 
the aid given acts as reinforcement of the resonance of 
a musical instrument, permitting greater concentration 
of tone and arousing in you on earth a corresponding 

Think of us as being the perfection of harmonious 
symphony, you as the individual component 
vibrations, but remember that besides being a 
resonant, harmonious tone, you are also, in common 
with us, an intelligent expression of Infinite 
Intelligence, partaking of the omnipotence of the 
Divine Creator. You respond to the vibration of the 
master key and you receive through the harmony 
established the feeling direct from the source of all 
feeling which awakens in you the same idea as the 
thought which gave it birth. 

You are not always capable of translating 
 into language the exact expression of the idea so 
received, but if you will cultivate calm by meditation 
they will come to you."  

Mary McEvilly, Paris, 1920


  1. I love it, thank you for sharing. It reminds me of your Schubert performance last Thursday at the OKC Museum of Art. When you demonstrated the choral theory of Schubert's composition by playing a chord and then letting the one note resonate; I could perfectly imagine one clear voice that just moments before had been part of the sum. You've awakened a musical awareness in me and for that I thank you. :)

    Rose Marie

    1. Rosie!
      You have just made me a very happy man by posting your comment which reveals the depths of intelligence from which you must listen. I treasure such listening. I treasure your presence.