Monday, December 31, 2012

Mary McEvilly from Paris 1920

Speak, Mary, to a brave new world:

"The desire of an individual who wishes to express 
an idea or message to earth is felt by all who from 
their common interest are desirous of assisting, and 
the aid given acts as reinforcement of the resonance of 
a musical instrument, permitting greater concentration 
of tone and arousing in you on earth a corresponding 

Think of us as being the perfection of harmonious 
symphony, you as the individual component 
vibrations, but remember that besides being a 
resonant, harmonious tone, you are also, in common 
with us, an intelligent expression of Infinite 
Intelligence, partaking of the omnipotence of the 
Divine Creator. You respond to the vibration of the 
master key and you receive through the harmony 
established the feeling direct from the source of all 
feeling which awakens in you the same idea as the 
thought which gave it birth. 

You are not always capable of translating 
 into language the exact expression of the idea so 
received, but if you will cultivate calm by meditation 
they will come to you."  

Mary McEvilly, Paris, 1920

Mary McEvilly, live from Paris, 1920 - "On Woman"

Mary was a precocious girl with a gloriously gifted intellect. We need not follow her in her fairy tale adornments of the message she is delivering, but I will say this much in recognition of the strength of her will and thus of her voice: it has called me out to go into internet space to lend her voice a sort of megaphone, to revert to some device with which she had no doubt some small acquaintance. I fancy her on the shore of some cold sea, listening to voices from beyond the sky.
Here is her voice, from Paris, 1920, as she addresses the theme of the future of woman on the planet:

"Love is full of compassion and desire to help. It 
knows by an intimate certainty that happiness is found 
only in service. All this is already known to humanity, 
but it remains to find the way to show woman how to 
receive daily and hourly directly from the source of all 
feeling the certainty of dependable intuitions. She 
must be made to understand as well as feel that she is 
the voice enunciating the truth revealed to her directly 
from the eternal source. 

Less attention may be given to the pursuit of 
education in its practical aspects and more to the 
development of her true, inner feeling nature, and 
ability to seize the reality of the spiritual qualities."

Mary McEvilly

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"To Woman" from Mary McEvilly, Paris November 1919

It appeared to me recently that Mary McEvilly was making, in her own highly individuated way, an attempt, as it were, to make it known that she would like her voice to be heard. I therefore decided to go into her available work and extract a few portions as "test objects" in an informal survey I am taking (right here, right now) to see what a few women whose viewpoints I esteem think of Mary's ideas after a century has passed since she put them down in Paris:

"Woman's organization is such, on account of her 
being the mother, that she is dominated by feeling. So 
far she does not understand whence come these 
unexplainable feelings which move her, but if you can 
imagine that through every pore she receives directly 
impulsions from original feeling, as though each were 
a little wire ringing a bell somewhere in her being and 
such wires liable to be set in motion by the great 
exterior force in whom is all feeling, you may perhaps imagine 
in what countless ways she is played upon." 

is she on to something that interests you?
are you at all interested in reading more?
what do you think of her "mentality"?
any and all comments will be appreciated

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

crumble like dust oh thou with vision set above

This drab dark dusty telegram is all that remains of a bright light filled moment in time.....that and echoic laughter....

Saturday, December 22, 2012


for the world has need of translation, yet the best translation may be no translation yet the reason we can arrive at the best (no) translation rests on our experience with translations - there must be a hint in each of them, many hints - it must be akin to having been dropped into the midst of the thickest of thickets (that would be most true the further back our reach, so the Vedas would prove the densest) and so on and yet when the heart is set within to do it, there must inevitably follow the doing of it -

Monday, December 17, 2012

Exploring Inner Space by "Doing One Simple Thing"

 I cannot say how another might silence the mind - I can only share what I have discovered - for years I attempted to "meditate" but always with instructions that involved the mind as manipulator (breathing, sitting in a certain way, thinking about what was being applied etc.) It was only when I received very specific instructions in a simple technique that I knew I had just for the first time experienced meditation. The technique involved no thought, no ideation, no conceptualiztion - just the installation of an app, as it were, into the mind - the replacement of all the buzzings by simply listening to two syllables which had no relationship to "the world" or to "meaning" and that did it - one had only to listen to these two syllables repeating themselves within in order to have all else disappear from the mind. Only two criteria were applied: is it easy and is it pleasant? This is the function of the mantra - to erase the buzzings, to silence the mind - to allow the deeper mind to emerge. There are many ways to meditation. I am attuned to sound, so mantra meditation was natural to me. Now I listen to the entire Agni section of the sAmaveda as my daily mantra - this took some doing, a lot of "work" as it were, but it is the single most valuable task I have ever performed in my life. It's benefits exceed any manipulative, conceptualizing, mentalizing techniques I have tried over the years.
No exertion. No tension. No thought. No nothing. The mind becomes still. It is a revelatory process. 
I don't presume to instruct or impart, I simply know what works for me. That is all. The biggest hurdle, roadblock, whatever, is our penchant for the complex, and our refusal to believe that something so simple could possibly be of any use whatever.