Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Notebooking Will Change You - It is a Journey

"Religion is madness given a socially acceptable fragrance. To the seeker of truth this reeks of stench  rather than perfume." The speaker leaned back in his compartment and gazed out the window to the passing landscape. It had been a long journey from Philadelphia to Silver Bow. The mountains he now saw in the distance told him his destination was near now. He awaited a reply from his companion, but she was mute.
Thus we encounter for the very first time in these pages Ludovicus Deepak, Philadelphia lawyer and the concubine Ah Toy who had journeyed all the way from San Francisco to Philadelphia to fetch him. Her concern was with the prisoner, Aloysius Wing, alone in his cell, abandoned it seemed by all. She fancied him travelling by foot in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo range, taking rest while he contemplated the air-conditioned Mother House of the Little Sisters Of The Poor.
"Concubine," he thought, was such a term as was not heard in the circles within which his life moved, but it was the word she herself had chosen when asked her profession. One would have thought she would be exhausted, but her eyes shone with the energy imparted to them by a clearly defined purpose.
He busied himself with the landscape. The moon, a sliver, cast yet a distinct light....
To be continued....

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