Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Do You Define Literature?

an extension of "Coming Through The Hole Into The Panorama"

He asked - "How do you define literature."
She answered - "Literature is an entertainment of words."

He - "Who are these persons of literature?"
She - "Pliny, Rabelais Urquhart, Laurence Sterne, Samuel Beckett, Proust, and Henry James...."
He - "And what about Gertrude Stein?"
She - ...with her laugh, how would you describe her laugh? It was so much more. But of what was it more?......."Oh, what about Gertrude Stein? She was the maker of the Making of The Making of Americans wasn't she? What more do you want?"
He - "You did not mention Joyce....."
She - ......another laugh, near inaudible....."No, I read everything you know......."

That was it, she having signaled she had finished. entertainment of words. It is a topography of literature then? A descriptive map of the surface?
How does it then differ from a wallpaper?

The question remains a question.
Please feel free to comment.


  1. "Well, sir, it sounds like a bunch of pretentious twaddle to me," he volunteered.
    "Well, thanks, thank you very now I am talking to myself, or so it seems..."
    That's o.k. nothin' wrong with that!

  2. I love the mention of Gertrude Stein! I studied Alice B. Toklas for university and struggled with Stein's self-confessed "genius" for the entire period of study...