Monday, August 6, 2012

People ask me "How'd You Meet Anais Nin?'

People have asked me how I met Anais Nin - I supposed they were inquiring about the circumstances under which I might have encountered in this life such a a moment so full of rich promise, hope and destiny. When I look back I think "Whew-stepped right into the lap of twentieth century literary history in the twinkling of an eye.
Well although I'd like to tell a brilliant story such as might include the princess who was kissed by a toad and who kissed that toad right back, this is a story far less romantic and one might indeed say even yes pedestrian.
A letter came in the mail in a fine light blue envelope - I think the letters began to come at first in Montana. Yes, that would have to be it - Montana.
"They hung Aloysius Wing by the neck until he was dead, while the band played "There'll  Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight" for he had requested some gay music for the occasion."
"Your writing" it began, and I wondered "Who could this be that is writing about my writing?" - "Your writing," it began "is so beautiful that I instantly copied it out."
So the story began in writing. Without the writing there'd be no story.
My words met Anais long before I'd even heard of her.
Could it be that we create in the theatres of our own brainboxes, these characters we shall later meet as is said in real life?
For so many years I had lived with Ah Toy and the Princess TaTa and then in a very sudden triangulation of universe energies and entities I found myself between them, among them, with them, voyaging together into vast uncharted waters.
to be continued
to be considered:
always geography-on the planet we were general-our name legion-Coos Bay Oregon, Silver Bow Montana, the old Bombay, hill stations, Pondicherry, the old Madras, we occupied the benches of the train stations, we were on the corners of every street, Singapore, the opium dens, rickshaws, Goa, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, small towns up and down each and every coast, we were everywhere, Marcus Hook, Cape May, Monaco, Rio, Buenas Aires, New Oreleans, Nice, Guanajuato, Taos, Indianapolis, London,

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