Sunday, August 26, 2012

Marguerite's 65th Birthday Party at Anais Nin's

...when I arrived it had been to thoughts of Ah Toy tapping at her window on Clay Street, for always, at the end of the day, it is got to be taken off to market, to matter what it may be-that is just the thing-no matter what it may be...even if that be the living of a metalife. I knew all about it-had ever sought the absence-the blessed nod to one's earnest request to "Count me out!"
...the moment, what is real, yet is what eludes, evades, escapes our note. We are ever and always elsewhere...
...but you will have been expecting "The Dinner Scene"...
"What was served?"
"I do not remember."
"Who served dinner?"
"Anais and Hugo together. They were a doting couple, in and out of the kitchen together. Marguerite was the birthday girl. It had to be August 26th. The year? I'll have to see, to figure it out. It was her 65th birthday-so it would've been August 26th 1973. I was floating somewhere between Bozeman Montana and Bombay India so that would have put me in place to attend a birthday dinner in Manhattan."
It will be forty years ago next year. I would like to mark Marguerite's birthday next year with an online celebration. During the months that are ahead, I will do what I can to introduce her work to many more people.
Love you Marguerite!
Happy Birthday

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