Monday, August 27, 2012

"Dear Heart"

Dear Heart-
Your communication just reached me.
You have been so much on my "mind"-so much the content of my consciousness these days.
Let me begin by saying I so enjoyed the feeling with which you communication was infused, as well as the substance it carried.
Of course I was aware of the momentous occasion that just took place in your lives-this great moment-and felt that I must make some effort not to feel absolutely monstrous for deciding against any attempt on my part to be at all "a part of the festivities" (I would intrude with an LOL there, but have absolute assurance of your quick intelligence in matters of this sort)-as I was saying, on that momentous occasion I was Irish full of thoughts of the sort that blow in from the sea off the coast of Dublin-as when I hear the voice of my ancestors intoning-"Birth was the death of him." with a chuckle and delight.
But to the point-I have thought so much of You lately. You. The who gets lost in the vast panoply of production. Do not let this happen. In all the universe there is only one you. Know this as an eternal verity, not merely as a flippant slogan current in social media.
And of course your selection of pic for the communication was absolutely so sardonically right on! I love how you wrap it up with tribal wisdom:
"You might as well laugh! What else can you do?"
Oh, and one more little thing:
I'll be loving you-eternally

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