Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Sudden Triangulation and We Are All One

I cannot think of Anais without Marguerite, yet with the greatest of ease I think of Marguerite without Anais. Anais was always here, always present. Marguerite was well, she was very much here also, and yet, and yet..."Marguerite, beyond the ether, travelling there - in her absence was her presence, and her presence was her absence - as we moved from one point to the next always there emerged another face, another doll face, another book...when she would pause before making the next introduction, holding the doll to face you she says "and this is Martha Washington. Finally, having met Dolly Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln, and other first ladies, we come to two dolls seated together..."and this" she says "this is Alice B. Toklas and  Gertrude Stein" - pause, a muted laugh, almost stifled, before continuing - "and so you see everything turns out fine in the end."
So this triangulation which emerged over a period of time gave rise to the reality that we are all one.


  1. Individuality is a myth we are fond of, a useful one. But we are connected by the impressions of those who came before and shared their thoughts and words. We are even what we eat, and the air we breathe - where was all that a moment ago? We are all so connected. Thanks for sharing the new thoughts here Wayne.

  2. Being one can be a thing of peace and also very restorative, but it is always heartening to be a part of the thoughts of another!

  3. A beautiful triangulation - a meeting of equals - in life and in spirit. Each of you raising the others' awareness towards the infinite...

    Keep sharing, Wayne. Keep sharing :)