Monday, May 21, 2012

"Marrying Mozart" by Stephanie Cowell - a short appreciation

My reading of “Marrying Mozart” provided me with some of the richest moments in my long life with Mozart – having played his Piano Sonatas for nearly 70 years now, this book placed them in a new dimension which I can best simply tag as “reality” – I was suddenly inside his world, as I ascended the stairs to the Weber musical evenings, and could hear the breathing of his Mama who had grown so weary along the long way of their life. The Weber girls were vivid for the first time, and their Mama was flesh with all her passions upon her daughters’ fates. It was a tremendous experience, and continues and will continue to inform every note of Mozart I ever play.
Thank you Stephanie Cowell. “Marrying Mozart” is much more than a book. It is a living communicating entity with a heart and a spirit.
Wayne McEvilly

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  1. You are so kind to write this, Wayne! I wanted to let you know that the novel will have its premiere as an opera or singspiel in NYC in December, produced by the marvelous Dicapo Opera and Opera Moderne. I am so excited! I also believe in the eternal spiritual values of the music of the master composers! Thank again! Stephanie