Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anais Nin - The Lover of Philosophy and of Bach

Anais feared her literary legacy would be eclipsed when the erotica was published. The other day I went into a used book store in Oklahoma City and asked for "Seduction Of The Minotaur" - I was pointed to the "Erotica"section of the store, and upon asking if all of Anais's books were in that section was met with "Oh yes"  "including the Diaries?" "Oh yes"
Here is a postcard I received from Anais. She was continually sending me books - this one by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard - I remember a beautiful edition she sent me of Dante's La Vita Nuova - what a generous spirit she remains -
Our correspondence over a decade centers on literature, philosophy, music, and my writing which she championed tirelessly, "showing it around" as she said, to Henry Miller (who loved it) Hiram Haydn (editor at Harcourt), Swallow Press, William F. Claire Jr. (editor of Voyages, a national literary magazine, and she chose my "Two Faces of Death" as the Afterward to her novel "Seduction Of The Minotaur"

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