Monday, March 12, 2012

The Agni sAma Project is lovely to know as I write these words that they will be read by very very very ah so very very few......that thought gives me a big thrill right now, right in this very I hope to finish the first segment of my Agni sAma project by July 2012 - moving on into the second segment is a process already somewhat haltingly begun........communication has as of late been gathering a sort of accumulated strenuosity about it of my own design no doubt.......and so silence has been imposed upon the word.......but upon the word alone.........the rule of silence has a place within but does not reign in the realm of might Schubert have sung..........singing singing singing.........the song from the New Moon........and yet they could pass by, how could they have passed by? yet they did pass by Death And The Maiden - let the mystery of it be..............

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Body And Soul

It is necessary to come into one's own in full possession of body and soul.

This is an accomplishment. It may or may not entail some arduous labour -

The accomplishment, or-one might say-the accomplished fact consists in an embrace of the mortal flesh while at the same time residing in the everlasting soul.

We use words which do not penetrate the ground beneath us, where the reality of our being must stand and so we rob ourselves of more than joy - Ah -
We must come to grips with the starkest aspects of our reality.
And then each must choose the path, the technique, the application best suited to his makeup.

No one can do this for you.
This is where you must stand up for yourself.

The End -