Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Speak Of Knowledge - Do We Know Of What We Speak?

Every Sunday Morning Kumud ( @ajmanik on Twitter) hosts a #SpiritChat It is a wonderful hour which gives rise to thoughts of the inner life and the Divine Within throughout the week. This week's topic drew this from me:
Kumud -
Knowledge and the Spirit of Knowledge. This is a vast and wonderful topic - When we say "knowledge" we usually mean something which is linked to an already disposed brain mechanism - our "mind" has begun to be "made up" before we are said to have "knowledge" - it is a field housed in aconceptual shell - But there is another kind of knowledge - One "sees" it in the eyes of infants, and at times in the awareness one discerns in animals, in birds, and the insouciant motions of a butterfly - in the deep profound gaze of an intelligent dog, and if one truly listens, in the vibrations which speak to us from the silence of a stone -
I have a recurring experience - it is always a marvel - I am shopping in a grocery store, pushing my cart around and I encounter the gaze of an infant cradled in a cart being pushed by Mama fixed on me - there is energy link between my eyes and those of the infant - There is a specificity in the communication that happens in that moment - there is a sense of eternity - there is a recognition - the infant is "saying" - I have just come from the womb of the Eternal, and I recognize that you, too, still have a foot in that terrain - I KNOW ("knowledge") that we two, infant and I, have just enjoyed a moment of real communication. The energy is like a clear light - it is a wonderful experience - it just happens - and it happens often enough that I know it is real - and sufficiently seldom that I do not take it for granted.
That is the different sort of knowledge that we seek when we seek the Divine Within.
It is a knowledge we are born with.
All our life long we might strive to regain it.
I believe simplicity is the key -
Hare Rama was all that Gandhi required, and he received it from his Nana - none of his later knowledge was vaster, greater.
Devotion is the great good thing - What we know through the heart of devotion we truly know.

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  1. Great post, Wayne!

    "It is a knowledge we are born with." - a beautiful thought by you, which also happened to come up in the chat this Sunday morning. We start with purity of knowledge, we get caught by the web of samsara (the world), and, like you said - "All our life long we might strive to regain it."

    Lots of food for thought here for the brainbox - keep writing!