Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Toastmasters Speech #6 "ON THE UTILITY OF TWITTER"

I looking forward to delivering Speech #6 and have decided to speak "On The Utility Of Twitter" - When the the subject of Twitter pops into the brainboxes of the non-tweeting public "Useful" is not a word that is likely to occur. But to me, the central charm of Twitter lies in the fact that it is an eminently useful tool with which to communicate.
Twitter is:
Here are the categories I have discovered which are at the core of Twitter's usefulness:
1. A Public Utility - Absolutely Public - Anyone can see what I tweet - you don't have to sign in, be a member - Just go to the site: and my consciousness is there, a public, global phenomenon. I love that. If you want to respond, then you have to have your own account.
2. A Revelation of Consciousness.
3. A meeting place for people who further expand my audience base and I theirs.
4. The #Hashtag feature - When I am finished with this list. I will tweet about my #Toastmasters speech and by the addition of that pound sign to the word, all the consciousnesses who are interested in the subject will be together in one place - I get to visit them and learn from others, and perhaps they from me.
5. Lists. I love my lists. Living in Oklahoma, I have built an #Okie list -it contains the tweets of everyone I have encountered who is domiciled in Oklahoma - so when I want to see what #Oklahoma is tweeting, I visit that list and voila! all together "in one room" there they are :-)
6. Community. Such a great tool for being a part of communities of those with like interests - which leads me to:
7. Chats - groups that meet on a regular basis to discuss subjects of common interests. I like #BlogChat on Sunday nights, #SpiritChat on Sunday mornings, #LeadFromWithin chat on Tuesday evenings and specialty chats that meet such as on the birthdays of composers: "LvBchat on Dec. 17th #MozartChat on Jan. 27
8. #GoodNews - Want the good news that is happening? Twitter is your best bet.
9. Immediacy - Something big just happen? Want to know more about it? Ooooh that was a huge earthquake! Go onto twitter, voila! there you are, at the epicenter of information about it. Want to know what your local TV stations are saying about it? Well, if you're in #OKC you'll want to go to your #Okie list!
10. Links - The heart and soul of Twitter. I post a link to my latest performance on TV - tweet it out and it has the potential of reaching thousands immediately. If I use a #hashtag, it gets the attention of the group interested in the subject -
11. Reality connections. Through my tweets, I have seen real concrete stuff happen - Money donated to my local library's Friends Group in support of my library programs, garbanzo beans arriving in my mailbox from the farm in Idaho - both thrilling moments the result of tweets!
12. Twitter makes my voice as an individual as potentially powerful as your voice as a corporate entity. Wow.
I love twitter.
Ask me questions.
Thank you.


  1. Hi, a very nice article! Yes, Twitter is one of social media's tools that can give you & save your time, I love the chats as #spiritchat #sulcall #HRchat & so many other it's a free teaching tool to me! Also I adore the Immediacy of it! Thank you :) @remose1383

  2. Good Morning Wayne,

    I really enjoyed this post, you hit all the nails on the head. Sometimes it's hard to explain to someone why I love Twitter so much. For myself, I would also add to this the pure entertainment value of the wit and comedy of its users. Twitter makes me laugh and smile and who can't use more of that in their everyday life? The Hubs and I are looking forward to hearing you play in January...I thank 'The Twitter' for bringing your beautiful music into our world!

  3. Wayne,

    Your energy and joy for tweeting has helped me embrace twitter and the community it creates. Thanks for these tips and reminders, especially for a relative newbie like me. After reading your blog I realize that I rarely hash tag anything. I'll have to work on that!

    Thanks again and enjoy giving your speech!
    Brandy @vtpiano

  4. Brandy -
    Thanks Brandy. I find it is all one big experiment. You make the move, sometimes it works, sometimes not - much like negotiating a Bach Fugue -
    I enjoy our interactions on Twitter.
    Keep communicating!

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  6. Twitter is amazing, and you summed up why very well. I love following people around the world and have found a big community of supportive writerly types.

  7. Linda:
    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate that. Now I'm going to locate your tweets and up our communication count.