Monday, October 3, 2011

Reviewing Alan Yu's Review of The Dude's Amerind & Berlioz performance

Alan - I have read 'music criticism' since the 1940s - What I love about yours is you are totally focused on the details, and reading your reviews is akin to actually 'being there' - I believe this is a high and rare accomplishment.
So many reviewers seem to take their lead from George B. Shaw who, although brilliant, is so bent on displaying his own clever (in his own eyes) wit and audacious use of language that all else is lost.
So this reviewer of your review says, on the basis of long experience: 'BRAVO!'
Here is the review of the L.A. Philharmonic performance -

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  1. Wow. Never read a review like this ~ it really does put you right in the concert hall. Simply Superb work.

    "The oboe valiantly put up a struggle to break free, eventually losing the battle to the advancing strings"