Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up - Notes For My Toastmasters #5 Speech

When Churchill wanted to drive this point home he said - "Never, never, never, never give up." When King Lear witnessed his daughter die in his very face he made a statement stronger still - "Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life, and thou no breath at all? Thou't come no more, never, never, never, never, never!" How do these lofty sentiments apply to us, in our lives day by day? Never is a word full of energy. We have been advised to "Never say never," but the giver of this advice has gone against his own advice.
Let's sort this out and make some sense of it.
Have you ever "given up"? I would say we all have at some time and in some way done so.
In order make some sense of this I am introducing several key concepts: energy, individuation, and specificity.
And I propose to flesh these abstract concepts out by way of a short story.
When I was a child playing concerts at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music I noticed that the music of Mozart had a greater capacity to communicate to the audience than any of the other composers - I began to examine this. I saw smiles on faces throughout the audience
when I played Mozart, I felt at the same time a sense of profound spiritual refreshment - this was the beginning of my realization that the music I chose to play was a conveyor of energy which carried a message of great specificity. I was magnetized to the job of being the messenger for this energy, which I found in its purest form in Mozart. I was twelve years old when I discovered my vocation in life - it was to be a lifelong commitment to revealing God's unconditional love through music. I narrowed my repertoire to the composers I felt (feeling and intuition are central here) best got this job done. This meant eliminating most of the composers beloved by my teachers. They tried their darndest to get me to play the other great composers, but I had chosen Handel, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin and stuck to it.
Whenever I gave in to compromise I was inevitably met with what I can best describe as a loss of vital energy, and so I formulated this discovery as a law for myself - "Compromise is a hole in the energy system."
Ever wanted to just give up?
Whenever I've found myself there, I have always been able to trace it back one key element: loss of energy - and this goes back to compromising my own values for others' values. So I've come up with these two rules (for myself-:)
Know what is yours to do, and do it. #Wayne2Wayne
and perhaps more important still:
Do not do what is not yours to do. #Wayne2Wayne
Well, as we all know, these two simple rules will be challenged by the world we occupy. That's where you'll need all the energy you can get. Take heart! It's available. Where? Right inside you. There, in the within within you is your source of energy. I have come to know it as the Divine Within - a source of inexhaustible energy.
I have found that the music of Mozart and Bach and Beethoven, and Handel, and Schubert are my sure avenues leading to this infinite source of energy supply.
Each of us can find his own.
Now with the stage set tell the story of moving to Oklahoma City 7 years ago and re-formulating the entire project by offering a gift set of my McEvilly-Mozart 17 Piano Sonatas 5 CD set to each and every public library in Oklahoma. The goal is to place this beneficial resource in the environment of as many children as possible.
Can I say all of this and more in simpler more straightforward language? We'll see.
Speech #5 - Toastmasters - 5-7 minutes (I'm aiming for 5 minutes 45 seconds!)


  1. Wayne,
    Yet again your post has fallen into my lap at a most helpful time. You are a blessing in so many ways and your words are full of such love. Many thanks!


  2. Always a pleasure to read your posts! Always learn something new :-)

    What did I learn today? "Compromise is a hole in the energy system". That is as deep a metaphysical statement as I have read in a while. I have to 'meditate' on this a while.

    My first reaction is ~ Compromise does not have to be an ugly word. Sometimes is better to compromise, use the hole to find better energy pathways. Bend so you can flow around the rock that stands in your way. The river does not question the rock, it keeps flowing.

    @AjmaniK on twitter

  3. Wayne your gift to the public libraries is such a perfect example of why it is blessed to have a talent like yours. It is so helpful to share this beautiful music. I had the pleasure of hearing it at home from my Mom who played these same composers' pieces on our piano. And in libraries you share it with everyone regardless of their own home resources. With "energy, individuation, and specificity" is advice that will carry a person through to see the light of their own unique gift. I believe everyone has one, and as long as they don't give up, we can share it.

  4. Wayne, I have listened to some of your music and read some of your writings - you "get" so many important things that many musicians don't, both musically and philosophically. Great work. It's always nice to hear an artist whose humanity is the fuse of their music.
    Very best wishes,
    Rupert Guenther