Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Week Of McEvilly-Mozart and More at Oklahoma Tower

Please visit me at the piano in the lobby of Oklahoma Tower M-F September 26th-30th from 11:30-1:30 I'll be playing music from and selling my CD recordings. I would love to see you there and I welcome this opportunity to speak with you about my McEvilly-Mozart 17 Piano Sonatas 5 CD recordings and their use in children's classrooms and environments nationwide.

Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano thanks to Larsen Music OKC
Photo thanks to Zach Nash OKC

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On The Riches Of My Morning Twitter Sessions

This morning I went onto Twitter for a short (LOL) visit and opened several links to blogposts - among them one from @JJBrown - on the healing power of art, music, and writing - which elicited this comment, the writing of which brought vividly back to my mind and heart a moment in my 'performing' life which reminds me that never have I once considered my public presentations of what I do at the piano 'performances' - I know my job at the piano is not to dazzle, impress, or stun with pyrotechnical brilliance but to move the human heart towards the recognition that God is Love.
The comment:
Good morning Jennifer:
I am on a self-imposed twitter time limit due to preparation of several projects (complete Mozart Piano Sonatas next week, preparing 'Music of Thanksgiving' TV special, and the usual lapsed service in the machinery of life (air conditioner, kitchen faucet) but your post was a must see now - so this to remind me I'll be back with the stories listeners have bestowed on me about the healing they have received at my concerts - one in particular - a medical doctor in Montana whose young son's life had left his body while in the emergency room of a hospital while his father was the only physician on duty - the Doctor plunged into the deepest depression and a year later he came to my concert at the University and confided in me afterwards that as he listened to the Bach C Major Prelude it was the first moment of release from his pain he had felt ... it was the beginnng of the light returning to his heart...That touched me so deeply that I never doubted of my 'mission' ever for a moment again...
Revealing the unconditional love of God through music. That's my job.
You have given me a great gift with this post.
Thank you.

You may visit Jennifer on Twitter @JJuneBrown

Thursday, September 8, 2011

#sAmaveda mantras 90-96

jAtaH pareNa dharmaNA yatsavRidbhiH sahAbhuvaH / pitA yatkashyapasyAgniH shraddhA / mAtA manuH kaviH 90 soma.N rAjAnaM varuNamagnimanvArabhAmahe / AdityaM viShNuN sUryaM / brahmAnaM cha bRihaspatim 91 ita eta udAruhandivaH / pRiShThAnyA ruhan / pra bhUrjayo yathA pathodyAmaNgiraso yayuH 92 rAye agne mahe tvA dAnAya samidhImahi IDiShvA hi mahe vRiShaM dyAvA hotrAya pRithivI 93 dadhanve vA yadImanu vochadbrahmeti veru tat  pari vishvAni kAvyA nemishchakramivAbhuvat 94 pratyagne harasA haraH shRiNAhi vishvataspari . yAtudhAnasya rakShaso balaM nyubjavIryam 95 tvamagne vasUNriha rudrAN AdityAN uta  yajA svadhvaraM janaM manujAtaM ghRitapruSham 96