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detail from a Portrait Of Anais Nin As A Bodhisattva

When Anais Nin asked me to write a review of her Diary 1934-39 I filled several hundred Notebook pages with material reflecting the result of contemplations on the nature of bodhisattvic compassion while at the same time giving my attention to the task of going through Anais's Galley Proofs - more and more it was clear that her voice was the voice of a bodhisattva, and so I wrote 'Portrait Of Anais Nin As A Bodhisattva' from which I extract the following:

Anais Nin, through her words, has built an arsenal for use in the perpetual struggle of life against death. Her Diaries are the self-reflective, clairvoyant record of her struggle to give.

The Letter In Blue

It was in the autumn of 1957. Albuquerque New Mexico. The desert still stretched out across the feet of mountain ranges and went on into a blue infinity. I fetched the day's mail. A Wedgewood blue envelope stuck out from the heap. It was marked Cavendish Close Saint Johns Wood London as I remember. I opened it and found these words among the many in the letter it contained - '...for vision, you see, must always outstrip any possible achievement.'

The letter was signed -
Myra Hess

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continuing the tales from the ancient Bombay

...with the issuance of the NOTEBOOKS OF LUDOVICUS the tribe had made a great advance. He had not yet been visited with the weight of enormities that would soon come his way when last we saw him in one of the backways of Bombay...he had been ever the assiduous collector, the master avoider, the treasurer of the scrap heap, nothing escaping his fond gaze. So when we went to the vault to gather up the fragments that he had left for us, before his final journey, we had been prepared for a great heap of material, but what we found passed all expectation. Before us lay scattered in great heaps notebooks on every thing and on every unnameable nonentity that had never been.
We began to read...

(to be continued)

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WHAT IS SAMAVEDA? - A Word On The Matter

#sAmaveda is a collection of mantras in the form of measured verse composed through chanting by inspired poet-seers of 35,000 years past. The poetic genius itself revealed in the syllabic revelations of primal sound vibrations herein would alone stand to rank this Veda among the Wonders Of The World