Thursday, July 21, 2011


What shall I call you here?
Kumud is good :)

Let's begin:
You came here a quarter century ago...that is a long time to be away from Mother India - has there, over the past 25 years, been a real separation or not? Where is the contact point for you?
I hope this simple question will elicit a very nice revelatory response -

The separation is only physical - and even that gets removed regularly as I visit family every 18-24 months. Being in the USA has created the desire in me - by the repeated questioning of American friends - to study and understand the religion I grew up with - Hinduism.

So, in a way, I am more in touch with India - her thoughts, her scriptures, her traditions and her many paths to Divinity - living 7500 miles away :) It is to stay in touch, to educate myself - that I created
almost 15 years ago with a single post on the Gayatri mantra. It has grown a bit since then. :-)


  1. Hi Kumud and Wayne, Physical distance matters for touch, but not so much for thoughts. It is a beautiful conection to have the Internet site to share with friends and all interested. I love your site there, and thought you were in India actually, physically! Your site allows me to feel I am in India again, the culture, the people. I keep the secluded mountain foothills of my childhood with me as a cloud around my thoughts - even after living in NYC for 20 years. I can not separate the country from me, like an aura it follows me waking and dreaming. I make a garden behind each apartment, bring plants into each room, collect and dry herbs. The body can be uprooted but the mind, not so much.

  2. Yes jjbrown - physical location is ephemeral.

    That is why I find it ironic that folks need to broadcast their 'location' every minute of the day. I rarely care about where you are, physically.

    Tell me the location of your heart, mind and soul. Then, we can have a #blogversation :-)