Wednesday, July 13, 2011


All across the nation the cry goes up and out and resoundsand is repeated - "Oh it is such a shame what is happening in our public schools. Oh what a terrible thing that music and art are being eliminated from children's lives."" I have heard this mournful ditty chanted as a mantra now by hundreds, even thousands of people, mostly after my concerts.
Well, I have a suggestion - cease the lamentations and simply do something - do one small thing now.
There is your assignment.
It is useless to address this issue, one of enormous importance to be sure with your moans and groans. Do something.
Each of us can do something to inspire a child to compose a great piece of work.
You can volunteer to read stories at a public library, you can take your life experiences into the schools as a volunteer and be of real use.
At the center of this issue is the child - The child is lost in a sea of the jargon employed by those who come forward to offer solutions. Forget connectivity and do something - CONNECT
Abandon jargon.
Here's what I have come up with over the decades:
Tell the story of MOZART GOES TO SCHOOL
In 1974 played Mozart for children in the second grade in a Los Alamos New Mexico Elementary School. I decided then and there I would be doing this for the rest of my life.
Tell the story of the recordings. Tell the story of how the recordings in classrooms made news, and of how that news opened the doors of school administrators, teachers, and reached through the ears of each and every individual child in each and every classroom, in each and every public school over entire cities.
"Mozart Helps Kids Compose Great Works" -
Here is a rousing call to action by Oklahoma's new
Superintendent of Public Education Janet Barressi - ' We don't need to wait for more money or more time. This is our time.'
Let's each do some small thing. Let's do it now.

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  1. Well said Wayne. All this energy spent protesting and pontificating. But, it is
    action we need.

    Action is the key that opens the lock of despair.