Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saving Blog Comments 'Just In Case'

This post has particular relevance to my day (and my yesterday) where I find myself in the midst of resolving some conflicting demands on my time and energy. I am called upon to be Toastmaster of the Day at our noon meeting in downtown OKC. I am a new member and this is my first time in this role. Right now I am 'in the midst' of conflicting thoughts - one of which is 'I shouldn't even be reading this post, let alone responding to it-Heck, I shouldn't even be on twitter this morning! etc. etc.) and there are the numerous e-mails to juggle about the meeting Making progress though...better than I used to be at not getting in an overwhelm mode.
Your post is quite gracefully expressed and most of all I thank you because the reading of it was (one of my favorite words coming up) - USEFUL -

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  1. Hey Wayne, not sure why your post didn't take. would be interested in knowing because I want this to be as smooth as possible. I'm sure your toastmaster speech will be great! Just be real people will love it. Many warm regards. Greg