Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Pencils, Music, and Metaphysics - Notes For a Toastmaster Speech


In the world of what we call 'the real' there are basic differences in kind. We all move, live our lives and have our beings in different 'sorts' of realities.
The broadest differential between them is that of the seen and the unseen, the visible and the invisible.
I invite you all to close your eyes and visualize a pencil.
-pause -
(Here I ask for a show of hands from those who have 'seen' a pencil and proceed to ask about the details... color, down to the 'point' - Does it need to be sharpened? Is the pencil new, or old and worn? The answers are revelatory-Only you can 'interpet' the significance of these details which are not so much properties of the pencil, as of the visualizing entity-you.)
It is in this world of the visible that we spend most of our waking lives, and even when we dream it is of images as in a movie.
But there is another world-one that is less familiar to us perhaps. This is the world of things which, though unseen, are absolutely real to us. The world of the invisible.
Not only is this area of reality invisible, it is beyond the physical world-it is with this area that metaphysics deals.
Metaphysics=beyond the physical-an area of reality in which it is hard to believe at times. It is not hard data, yet here is where we reference the soul, the spirit, God, immortality.
We are apt to say we 'believe' in these things - yet we all know that we know them directly at times.
Consider this:
I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth...and that in this flesh I shall see God.
This is quite simply unbelievable. Yet I know this as surely as I know that this is a pencil I hold in my hand. With greater assurance indeed.
Where is this knowledge rooted? Where did it come upon us to thus know?
I submit it is inborn. We knew these things before ever we were born into this world of cabbages and kings and all manner of things and pencils.
We have heard it from our inception and perhaps before-we have heard it before we ever knew a 'word' that signified any 'thing' that could be seen.
It is a knowledge bestowed upon us by our Creator.
We have heard it in the womb in the melodies our mothers have hummed and in the coursing of blood and the beating of her heart.
That is the meaning of 'Metaphysics is a visitation upon our human nature.'
We retain this knowledge for but a short while, and then it is gone, and must be regained.
It is my purpose in introducing these thoughts to invite you to ponder these things which are close to all our hearts, but which we have largely forgotten in growing up.
It is vitally important to our well-being that we remember these things before it is 'too late.'
Not the end-
The beginning.
Oh, one thing more-a postscript via Beethoven:



  1. Very thought provoking Wayne! You are indeed the master of music & meta-physics!

    I agree with you that true reality is invisible, more a state of being rather than a physical identity.

    We are supposedly in the world but not of the world. Sentient beings, pure consciousness located in an earthly body, all connected by our divine nature, all one with our creator.

    As you say the challenge whilst in physical embodiment is to remember our true nature...

    Science can wow us with its discoveries but this doesn't compare with experiential self-realisation.

    That's my humble perspective anyway! But I have experienced my consciousness outside of my body.

    Great blog, love to read your pearls of wisdom. Lol Ginny x (@Ginsterbabe)

  2. Thank you Wayne for the inspiring questions and guide here.

    We are embarking soon on a great journey (death) and how have we prepared? Maybe we haven't yet, but I think I should. You know, I don't recall the exact source of the question in the scriptures. But I always think we are returning to the place from whence we came - and it is an unseen place we lose sight of shortly after birth or childhood. I remember glimpses of that early awareness, and I look forward to swimming in it again. The unseen, the welcome, the world of dreams, the world of mind travel. Not to be feared but to be anticipated and to be known.

  3. Jennifer -
    Having read your writing, I believe the fusion of science and poetics is your personal magnet - fusing these two and making them one. From the glimpse into the laboratory of your mind which you have generously extended to me, I believe you have a great gift for imparting the mystery of bricks and mortar and the subtle music which unites them with human reality in consciousness.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Lady Virginia! Thank you for your comment! Your tweets are so packed full of the content of your consciousness, that they have been evidence that real communication is possible via twitter - I really look forward to our all getting together in the #MozartChat room on July 3rd. His Mama died on that day, and it was she who first imparted his music to him - We will learn more about this shadowy figure, nearly lost to us, who was herself a profound musician and lover of music.
    Hum a tune to the 'little ones' -

  5. Good evening,

    My name is Pablo Lopez from Washington, DC. I am into Metaphysics and music.

    You might be interested in this link. It is an album very similar to what you are talking about. The artist is from Mexico and has received all kinds of attention because the album uses samples recorded during séances and other paranormal events, amplified.

    It is a fascinating album. It is for sale on Ebay and


  6. Thanks Pablo - if you get back and visit here, please send me your twitter handle - I'd like to communicate further - Wayne