Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Blog As Interview

This morning my daily visit to the Twitterverse included reading an interview with Bruce Sallan by @moondustwriter - which generated my comment:

‘Wow!’ and
are two common accolades you might find on hundreds of thousands of blogposts. So I have to be a bit more ‘verbose’ -
I always knew from the tweets of @BruceSallan and @moondustwriter that there had to be a storehouse of substance behind the curtain- this post lifted the curtain and I feel privileged to be present at the ‘scene’ depicted here-with effective use of multi-media techniques.
It inspires on so many levels – I am particularly moved to get going and write more and more by Bruce’s recounting his gaining confidence in his own abilities as a writer by the simple act of writing more and then more.
Wonderful how I open the door onto the Twitterverse every morning and do not know what I might find…But I do know in advance I will find treasure -
Perhaps most of all I thank you both for presenting the genre ‘The Blogpost As Interview’ in full perfection.
Here - - is the original post.


  1. Wayne - we inspire each other! Thanks much for the kind words!

  2. Wayne - it is an honor to know people like you and Bruce who inspire and encourage. You are a treasure indeed
    Thanks :)