Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Pencils, Music, and Metaphysics - Notes For a Toastmaster Speech


In the world of what we call 'the real' there are basic differences in kind. We all move, live our lives and have our beings in different 'sorts' of realities.
The broadest differential between them is that of the seen and the unseen, the visible and the invisible.
I invite you all to close your eyes and visualize a pencil.
-pause -
(Here I ask for a show of hands from those who have 'seen' a pencil and proceed to ask about the details... color, down to the 'point' - Does it need to be sharpened? Is the pencil new, or old and worn? The answers are revelatory-Only you can 'interpet' the significance of these details which are not so much properties of the pencil, as of the visualizing entity-you.)
It is in this world of the visible that we spend most of our waking lives, and even when we dream it is of images as in a movie.
But there is another world-one that is less familiar to us perhaps. This is the world of things which, though unseen, are absolutely real to us. The world of the invisible.
Not only is this area of reality invisible, it is beyond the physical world-it is with this area that metaphysics deals.
Metaphysics=beyond the physical-an area of reality in which it is hard to believe at times. It is not hard data, yet here is where we reference the soul, the spirit, God, immortality.
We are apt to say we 'believe' in these things - yet we all know that we know them directly at times.
Consider this:
I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth...and that in this flesh I shall see God.
This is quite simply unbelievable. Yet I know this as surely as I know that this is a pencil I hold in my hand. With greater assurance indeed.
Where is this knowledge rooted? Where did it come upon us to thus know?
I submit it is inborn. We knew these things before ever we were born into this world of cabbages and kings and all manner of things and pencils.
We have heard it from our inception and perhaps before-we have heard it before we ever knew a 'word' that signified any 'thing' that could be seen.
It is a knowledge bestowed upon us by our Creator.
We have heard it in the womb in the melodies our mothers have hummed and in the coursing of blood and the beating of her heart.
That is the meaning of 'Metaphysics is a visitation upon our human nature.'
We retain this knowledge for but a short while, and then it is gone, and must be regained.
It is my purpose in introducing these thoughts to invite you to ponder these things which are close to all our hearts, but which we have largely forgotten in growing up.
It is vitally important to our well-being that we remember these things before it is 'too late.'
Not the end-
The beginning.
Oh, one thing more-a postscript via Beethoven:


Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Life In Music And Metaphysics - Coming July 10

An Invitation-
This free program of the great masterworks of piano music will prove of interest to music lovers in all genres - from the roots of jazz in Bach and Mozart through the romantic melodies of Beethoven which inspired songs by Billy Joel, to Chopin whose work seeded some of the most romantic pop tunes ever written, and the Nocturnes which found their way into the Grateful Dead's St. Stephen song - with commentaries spanning over seven decades of experience in music of all sorts - Please extend this invitation to your family, friends, and associates.
Thank you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Blog As Interview

This morning my daily visit to the Twitterverse included reading an interview with Bruce Sallan by @moondustwriter - which generated my comment:

‘Wow!’ and
are two common accolades you might find on hundreds of thousands of blogposts. So I have to be a bit more ‘verbose’ -
I always knew from the tweets of @BruceSallan and @moondustwriter that there had to be a storehouse of substance behind the curtain- this post lifted the curtain and I feel privileged to be present at the ‘scene’ depicted here-with effective use of multi-media techniques.
It inspires on so many levels – I am particularly moved to get going and write more and more by Bruce’s recounting his gaining confidence in his own abilities as a writer by the simple act of writing more and then more.
Wonderful how I open the door onto the Twitterverse every morning and do not know what I might find…But I do know in advance I will find treasure -
Perhaps most of all I thank you both for presenting the genre ‘The Blogpost As Interview’ in full perfection.
Here - - is the original post.

Friday, June 3, 2011

sAmaveda - Let Us Begin

agna A yAhi vItaye / gRiNAno havyadAtaye / ni hotA satsi barhiShi / Mantra #1
Much has been written about the sAmaveda.
There are many books which you can study. You can ponder various translations. You can consult many experts with many varying points of view.
You can do all of this and not once come close to sAma.
sAmaveda is a bestowal of an activity upon our mortal nature-it is a collection of mantras that gives us something to do with our time, something of infinite worth. 
How to come close to sAma? You must do sAma.
How do you do sAma? 
You chant the syllables of the mantra. At first this activity is performed 'out loud' - and then as you make your voice softer and softer there comes a moment when you are whispering - and then, you begin to hear, after many repetitions, the mantra resounding within you. This begins the process of contemplation or meditation upon and within the mantra. This is your 'job' with sAmaveda -
Now, you have been wondering why I spell sAmaveda with that big A - that designates the pronunciation as a long vowel.
O.K. Let's look at mantra 1.
But first, what is a mantra? It is a device you choose to employ to free the mind from its shackles. It consists of any number of syllables-from one syllable to the vastest number you might imagine.
Beginning with mantra #1 agna A yAhi vItaye / gRiNAno havyadAtaye / ni hotA satsi barhiShi /
Note that it consists of 24 syllables / three lines of eight syllables each / How like the rhythm of Mozart. Each unit is taken in itself as a mantra. Long mantras contain shorter mantras. 
So, to be as simple as possible - Your first 'job' is to begin at the beginning. Take the mantra 'agna' - Close your eyes. Repeat it outloud. Softer. Softer. Softer. Now you will be hearing it within. Listen to it. Listen to it long and lovingly. That is all. Do this for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes...according to your appetite. You have begun the process. 
Then you go onto to the second mantra with this longer mantra #1 consisting of one syllable - A - (we would write that Ah!) - You have heard the mourning dove sing upon one note and never tire of the sound. That is your job with this second mantra A.
I require comments, engaging questions, responses, critiques, whatever form communication takes, in order to continue posting this material.
When you read this, please know that your response will be of the very greatest value to me.
agna A yAhi

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anais Nin On Handling Her Diaries

My correspondence with Anais, begun in 1965, had grown enormous by 1970 - I believe this document will prove of interest to writers, editors, and all those interested in her work.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saving Blog Comments 'Just In Case'

This post has particular relevance to my day (and my yesterday) where I find myself in the midst of resolving some conflicting demands on my time and energy. I am called upon to be Toastmaster of the Day at our noon meeting in downtown OKC. I am a new member and this is my first time in this role. Right now I am 'in the midst' of conflicting thoughts - one of which is 'I shouldn't even be reading this post, let alone responding to it-Heck, I shouldn't even be on twitter this morning! etc. etc.) and there are the numerous e-mails to juggle about the meeting Making progress though...better than I used to be at not getting in an overwhelm mode.
Your post is quite gracefully expressed and most of all I thank you because the reading of it was (one of my favorite words coming up) - USEFUL -

Original post:

@DrGregWaddell Performing Organizational Jazz