Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Musing On Mozart & Improvising

I just stumbled upon a great post on Improvisation and it induced the following comment:

Here is something inspiring and instructive about improvising within the body of the Mozart Piano Sonatas – in the final movement of Sonata 13 Bb Major there is the instruction in Mozart’s autograph score: ‘ad libitum’ – There you have it and from the master himself. But wait (as they say in the Infomercials) There’s More! & this one is even more exciting! In the great 14th Sonata in C Minor also third movement occurs a series of fermatae with this instruction: ‘a piacere’ – at your pleasure, if you please, as you like it, do what you will. La! Signed-Mozart. Amazing.
As Cole Porter said: ‘Let’s Do It!’ Let’s fall in love with our freedom as classical musicians!
Do we need permission to improvise in the midst of things Mozartean? Well, there you have it!

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