Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mozart Is A Character In the Small Town Of Planet Home

I found an intriguing post on Becky McCray's 'Small Biz Survival' blog about the potential in attracting tourists to a rural community by featuring its local characters in a travel article. My thoughts:

This got things up there in my brainbox stirrin' - Not just small towns (but that is your focus) but NYC - when America's great Hoosier novelist/poet Marguerite Young died (she'd been living in The Village for decades & Scribners had published her 'MissMacIntosh, My Darling" back in 1965) - doing research for her novel had her 'haunting' the entire small town of NYC from the upper east side to Wall Street and beyond. When her obituary appeared in the N.Y. Times she was described as an 'icon' - Well, that'd be another word for 'town character' -
One of the values I pick up from visiting Small Biz Survival is a strenghthening of my perception that we all inhabit small towns, even those of us who live right smack dab in the center of a big city.
But back to Hooker, Slapout, Beaver, and Buffalo - I've visited and made myself a 'resident for a day' in so many small towns that I can attest to the fact that the local characters do stand out.
I always bring it back to Mozart - my business is Mozart - so I've got a few ideas brewing about Mozart Around Town.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Here is a link to the blogpost:
@SBSurvival Value your town charactershttp://goo.gl/fb/JyaoZ


  1. Love your thoughts on this, Wayne. We are also characters in our own small towns online. I'm happy your part of my online small town.

  2. Being able to appreciate is so central to our humanity. I'm from a very small town in the Catskills but NYC the last 19 years. Yet in each setting being able to appreciate the characters around me, and especially older people, for their experience and their stories always means so much to me. These characters make up the story of our lives. As Becky says here, now in the online community, Wayne, thank you for your great blog posts and the online company.

  3. Hey Wayne, I was referred here from Becky on Twitter. You have a great alternate viewing angle and I'm eager for a sip of your Mozart tea, once the steeping has finished! By the way, I had checked out your blog before and your music programs for schools are intriguing to me - I wish we had known about something like that when I was in grade school or high school. I may be a strange duck, but as a chemistry major in college, one of my all-time favorite classes was a topics class in the life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach. I believe you may have just gained a follower.

  4. Shannon:
    I am so glad Becky led you over here. She is so helpful and kind. Do you know there are composer chats on twitter? For your #Bach there is #BachChat presided over by @eddissimo the last global one was his birthday, but the conversation goes on. Just click the hashtag,and let us have some of your thoughts about Bach.
    I keep a #MozartChat going and the next global one is slated for July 3rd.
    There you have it, and Glad to 'meet' you!