Friday, April 22, 2011


Recently I had the privilege (and what a pleasure!) to appear on Lyn Hester's show "Oklahoma Live" KSBITV and will be Lyn's Musical Guest May 5th. I am sending this message from Lyn to my Twitter Friends
I hope you will tune in. Lyn's show is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Mozart feels right at home there, so be there when I share the piano bench with her! and enjoy the show on a regular basis! The show airs at Noon.
Thank you.

Thank you for being on Oklahoma Live and supporting our mission to promote Oklahoma talent, events and businesses.
I would like to ask for a favor. Would you please tell your friends and colleagues what we are doing? With more people watching we will be able to continue to provide a forum for Oklahoma musicians, artists, authors, businesses and organizations.
I post clips from each show on the Oklahoma Live Facebook page and the website. if you want to take those and link them to your page or website that would be stupendous.
Periodically I will let you know what we are doing - for instance we will be live at the Oklahoma Arts Festival on April 29th and we will be having a concert at Frontier City on June 3rd (more to come on that).
Thank you so much for your assistance and belief in this new adventure.
on twitter @LynHesterOKLive

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