Sunday, March 6, 2011

Response To Brian Solis on "Who Owns the Customer Relationship?"

Brian - This post seemed to me quite simply to be a bit (and that's understating the case) "convoluted". Perhaps I have not sufficiently learned your language and the basic rhetorical gestures with which you communicate. But a few points spoke to me directly. From your post this stuck out: "Who owns the customer relationship? The short answer is everyone." and I connect the dots from that to the word "hierarchy" - I run a simple business as an individual - a pianist-independently contracting my work to an agency which then presents it to the public. At the top of the "hierarchy" is the marketing department. For the most part these folk take a very dim view of my doing my own press and allowing others (word of mouth) to then carry my work on into their communities. Control is the issue. What the marketing people do not realize is that if I weren't doing their job for them, there wold be much less press, tv, radio - all the stuff that connects my event (concert) to the public. It is frustrating at times, but I continue to act as my own marketer and the hall is usually full. On the few times I have left it up to the marketing department, the audience size dwindles.
So finally I make some applicable sense from your post- It is indeed EVERYONE who owns the customer relationship. I am speaking from experience.
Thank you. "Got me to thinkin'!"
Here's> - "Social Media & The Need For New Business Models" by @BrianSolis

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