Friday, March 11, 2011

On Tooting Your Own Horn- From a reply to Chris Brogan

. I think a lot of us believe that when we tell our own story, even with the finest set of variations, over and over again there is something "wrong" -that we are being totally egocentric, and that people will see that as selfish, self-centered, etc. (all the things we are told not to be when we are growing up) - Well, gee and guess what - I am about to enter my 4th (and presumably final) quarter century on the planet and I'm still bustin' through these self-limiting myths imposed by the voices of the past (re-inforced by a lot of voices from the present-)
The other day I noticed something about my computer homepage > Safari takes me to Apple - Guess what? I noticed it's all about Apple - Apple this, Apple that, Apple here, Apple there > No one seems to think there is anything "wrong" about Apple telling the story of Apple. So thanks for the post (again) I am happily continuing the story of Wayne McEvilly - How he became a musician, how he became a pianist, how he wrote his way into the heart of Anais Nin, how he is taking Mozart to children all around the world, and I'll do my best to keep the stories interesting.

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  1. Such an interesting commentary you share here. I submit that to know oneself is the great task of life. It is also the doorway to eternity, where the individual self is merged with the univeral, jivan and atman as the Hindu scriptures say. You can't live your life if you're living someone else's, and you can't tell your story if you're telling someone else's. Self knowledge is powerful, and it is very interesting.