Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Listening

Aldous Huxley spoke to our Philosophy Club at USC in 1962 - I do not remember anything about what he said, but what I will never forget is the quality of his listening, after his speech, to what others were saying. His listening was palpable.
I always speak to the children about the wonders of their own listening capacities, about how their listening opens the doorway to great discoveries about the world and about themselves.
I am a fan of listening.


  1. Listening. So easy. So hard. That had to be special to have Mr. Huxley there in person! Love these kind of stories Wayne. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Once I have heard following advice, by blaming the noise on the streets: When you are disturbed once more by the noise on the street (or elsewhere), please shut your eyes, imagine, you would sit in your best outfit in a concert hall listen an excellent classical concert conducted by your favorite conductor - and listen once more - and experience the wonder...

    Of course, I tried it out - and I suggest everyone to do it as well... This experience is undescribable...

  3. Bravo Wayne! You are a very engaging teacher. Having witnessed one of your sessions at Choctaw Library - I hold that image very close. To really listen, be it to silence(inner self) or speaking- is to be truly present.
    How awesome that you've heard Huxley speak in person. Big fan of his writings.
    Thank you for letting me share this my friend. (::)