Monday, February 28, 2011

Stray Strands - From sAmaveda to Contemporary Culture

When I consider the present state of affairs with the species into which I was born, and then turn my mind toward the consideration of the state of affairs which had to have prevailed with the same species during the time of the production of the exquisitely crafted poetic utterances of sAmaveda, I am drawn to the conclusion that there is more of a case for the devolution of mental life on our planet than for its evolution.
Before the written word poets devoted to the eternal meaning of the songs the cosmos sings took the music of the spheres, of the birds, of the trees, of the singing wind and the surging surf, of the coursing of their blood within their mortal frames, of the longing desire of the cell to multiply and become ever more complex, of the cries and howls of lonely wolves, of the cawing of crows and the scrapings of feet upon the earth's varied textures, of the cricket chirp and roar of lion, of the resonant tones of conch and flute, and sang immortal poetry measured by the feeling heart.
I propose that the debate upon the issue of creation versus evolution be abandoned. The sAmaveda proposes that the Creator made an evolving universe for us to delight in, enjoy, and worship in song. As humans we have been given the choice to evolve with the rest of creation. Have we chosen to devolve instead?
Please deliver your thoughts right here. Thank you.


  1. There is another concept called - 'involution'. The seed already contains the tree within it. It just needs the right environment and nurturing to grow into the tree.

    We all were born with all the music we need (AUM) - we just need the right environment to sing the songs that the creator has put within us :-)


  2. Sadly, I have to agree that mankind is in a state of devolution. I see hope, I see a chance, but I am worried.

  3. Matt-
    Thank you very much for your comment. I'm making this experiment of blogging on the premise that it is a vehicle for communication. For Conversation. I have to admit that my sometimes feeling the devolution is swifting its way onward to the near total obliteration of any sign of real intelligence is the direct outcome (influence) of Mike Judge's movie 'Idiocracy' -