Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Are All Salesmen Here

I do love the eighteenth century-and the first few decades of the nineteenth. I am quite vastly ignorant (and I'm sure I'm in a great crowd here) of the centuries stretching back before then. But having said that, I woke up this morning (as I do each and every morning of my life) in "today's world" and since this is the beginning of the New Year I extended my mind forward in time and saw a salesman making ever more and more sales.
Having said that, I am brought back upon the fact of our all, each and every one, being salesmen.
So as you go forth into the brave uncharted realms (for all your charting away you still sail forth without a compass) forth, I say, it is to sell your very best.
Given the station "Salesman" - Given the station "Messenger" - You have been given also the obligation to choose well what it is you will sell.
Here endeth the first part of the Meditation Upon Sales>
Look for another part in a month or so.
LOL all around if you please.

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  1. All of us may not have the vocation of being a "salesperson," but all of us must be able to sell.

    We have to "sell" our ideas. We have to "sell" our value to others, whether an employer, partner, or customer. Even the President of the United States must sell to be succesful as a President. He (or God willing some day, "she") must be able to "sell" to Congress and to his constituency, the voters.

    And beyond our vocation, we must be able to "sell" in order to prosper. For example, I have been married to an angel for 37+ years. Every day, I must "sell" her on the idea of wanting to stay married to me.

    For me, selling isn't about persuading someone to buy something they don't need or want. Selling is understanding the needs, hopes and dreams of another person and helping them to get what they want.

    PS, readers who know I teach high-end lawyers, consultants, investment bankers etc. to "sell" understand that I am more than a little biased about this issue. :)