Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On #MozartChat - Some Thoughts

1. Use the hashtag #MozartChat
That seems "obvious" but to many new to twitter it is not.
Think of it in this way: The hashtag (#) is akin to the access code into a building-push pound and then the numbers #1234 and voila, the door opens. Same. Without the #MozartChat hashtag, you will not be "in the room" with the rest of us.
2. For the most part, lets keep our tweets on Mozart - It is his party and we want to exult in his genius.
3. We are at the party to have fun, and to communicate with each other. Share your thoughts, your opinions (remember, opinions are just that-others have as much right to theirs as I to mine-& let's really listen to Shakespeare on this: "Occupy the argument no longer." Argument is essentially dull and dulling:-)
4. Share links.
5. I would appreciate your thoughts on the Mozart Piano Sonatas. I believe they are vehicles for the most nutritive, spirit-stirring, and inspiring communications available to human beings. My central focus in life is to continue exploring their beauty and depth and to share these treasures with others, especially children. My intention is to continue placing my 5 CD recording of the McEvilly-Mozart 17 Piano Sonatas in the environments of millions of children worldwide.
6. Share links to your favorite performances.
7. Share links to blogposts about Mozart.
8. "Just talk amongst yourselves."


  1. Thanks, Wayne. Look forward to popping in, contributing, learning, exploring, celebrating.

    #MozartChat ... however, we can save four characters if you just use #Mozart. Just an idea. Whatever you choose is fine.


    Word Bandit

  2. WordBandit! Thank you. For this party it is #MozartChat that will put us all in the same room together, so to speak. It's the key to the room. Once we get there, lets all chat with each other, respond, contribute, and most of all enjoy.