Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On The Greatness Of Mozart's Piano Sonatas

I commented on an article by Jessica Duchen entitled "Let's Hear It For the Mozart Piano Sonatas" -
This article could not possible be more pertinent and timely - I have for many years played all the Piano Sonatas of Mozart through once a week - more often than not on a Monday which I call my "McEvilly-MozartMarathon" - It is refreshing to hear Jessica Duchen reveal for those who have not yet awakened to the fact that the Piano Sonatas contain within them all the riches, nuance, passion, rhetoric, detail, and depth of the operas, symphonies, the intimacies of the love duets, the virtuoso excesses of the coloratura, the drama, tension, romance, and pulsating life of genius at its fullest play... I hope people will read it, especially pianists and piano teachers and piano students - Thanks Jessica! Wayne (the article)

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